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Ms. Carlie Forbes

Ms. Carlie Forbes (née Bell)

Divisions of Social Sciences (Business) and Dimensions of Leadership

Office: as of June 21 2012, unknown (moving July 1)


Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), Richard Ivey School of Business (Management Information Systems), University of Western Ontario.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Honors Business Administration, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.

Research and Scholarly Interests

My main research focuses on how technological devices used by individuals during face-to-face work-group activities impact group performance and group social interactions, from a multilevel, cross-disciplinary perspective. I am also interested in the link between entrepreneurs and technologies, and I use diverse methodologies to examine interesting problems that are amenable to rigorous research, and that have strong implications for academia, industry and society.

Brescia Teaching

  • Business 1220E: Introduction to Business (Present)
  • DOL 1031: Dimensions of Leadership – Exploring Leadership (Present)
  • MOS 330A: Operations Management (Past)
  • MOS 398B: Consulting in Practice (Past)

Professional Memberships

  • Association for Information Systems (AIS)
  • Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
  • Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup)

Representative Publications and Presentations

  • Jean, M. and Forbes, C. (2012: Forthcoming). “An Exploration of the Motivations and Expectation Gaps of Mompreneurs,” Journal of Business Diversity, 12(2).
  • Forbes (née Bell), C. “The Glory and Gall of Gadgets in Face-to-Face Groups.” Dissertation Presentation at the Doctoral Consortium at the International Conference on Information Systems. Phoenix, Arizona, USA. December 11-14, 2009.
  • Forbes (née Bell), C., Compeau, D.R. and Olivera, F. “The Glory and Gall of Gadgets in Groups: A Multilevel Theory of the Impact of ICTs on Group Processes.” Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada: Information Systems Division. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. June 2009.
  • Bell, C., Olivera, F., and Compeau, D.R. “Efficient or Distracted?: Perceptions of Multitaskers in Groups.” Poster presented at the First Annual INGRoup Conference, Pittsburgh, PA. USA. July 27-29, 2006.
  • Bell, C., Compeau, D.R. and Olivera, F. “Understanding the Social Implications of Technological Multitasking: A Conceptual Model.” Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Workshop on HCI Research in MIS (pre-ICIS). Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. December 10, 2005.
  • Bell, C., Compeau, D.R. and Olivera, F. “Developing a Model of Perceptions of Technological Multitasking.” Proceedings of the Americas Conference on Information Systems. Omaha, Nebraska, USA. August 2005 (Best Paper Nomination).

Other Contributions

I have been an active course developer and teacher for over 13 years and am a strong advocate of applicable, interactive teaching methodologies: as such, I write cases (published with Ivey Publishing) and continually develop innovative classroom materials that foster an interesting, interactive and applicable learning environment. I have also developed and taught courses for the MBA program in the Richard Ivey School of Business (Accounting, Spreadsheet skills) and the Canadian Institute of Management (Marketing Management). I have been an invited guest speaker for many faculty and student workshops at Brescia and other academic institutions including “Teaching Business at the University Level”, “Teaching With Cases”, “Business Etiquette”, “Making a Good Impression: Dining Etiquette”, and “Cover Letter and Résumé Writing”. I also judge business case competitions for the Richard Ivey School of Business annually.

I am also an annual academic reviewer for the Annual Conference of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC), International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Diffusion Interest Group in Information Technology (DIGIT) Workshop, and have reviewed for the journals Decision Support Systems and The Journal of Strategic Information Systems.