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Dr. Theresa Topic

Dr. Theresa Topic

Theresa TopicBrescia University College
Division of Social Science, Anthropology
Office: Portable, office #1
Telephone: 519-432-8353 ext. 28224

Academic Background

BA Anthropology (Magna cum Laude) Harvard University
MA Anthropology Harvard University
PhD Anthropology Harvard University

Research and Scholarly Interests

  • Andean Civilizations
  • Women in prehistory
  • Ancient warfare
  • Gender dynamics and household organization in pre-industrial contexts
  • Oracles as political agents
  • Anthropology of the family
  • Craft specialization


  • Anthropology 1025F/G  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Anthropology 1026F/G  Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Anthropology 2234F/G  Andean Prehistory
  • Anthropology 2254F/G  Women in Prehistory
  • Anthropology 2270F/G   Anthropology of the Family
  • Family Studies 1020  Introduction to Family Studies
  • In development:  Anthropology of the Family,  Inca Archaeology and History.

Representative Publications

2009 Variation in the Practice of Prehispanic Warfare on the North Coast of Peru.  In: Warfare in Cultural Context: Practice, Agency, and the Archaeology of Violence, Axel E. Nielsen and William H. Walker.  University of Arizona Press.  With John R. Topic
2009 The Meaning of Monuments at Marcahuamachuco.  In: The Foundations of Andean Civilization: Papers in Honor of Michael E. Moseley, edited by Joyce Marcus, Charles Stanish, and Patrick Ryan Williams. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, University of California at Los Angeles.
2002 Catequil: The Archaeology, Ethnohistory, and Ethnography of a Major Provincial Huaca.  In Andean Archaeology I: Variations in Sociopolitical Organization, W.H. Isbell and Helaine Silverman, eds.  Plenum. (With John R. Topic and Alfredo Melly Cava).
2002 Hacia un entendimiento del fenómeno Wari: una perspectiva norteña.  In: Boletín de Arqueología No. 4.  Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru.  Lima.  (With John R. Topic)
2002 The Mobility of Women in the Inca Empire and in the Spanish Colony of Peru.  In The Archaeology of Contact: Processes and Consequences, Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Conference of the Archaeological Association of the University of Calgary, Kurtis Lesick et al, eds., pp. 458-467.
1997 La guerra Mochica. Revista Arqueològico SIAN, no. 4. Universidad Nacional Mayor de Trujillo. (With John R. Topic)
1997 Review of Lukurmata: Household Archaeology in Prehispanic Bolivia by Marc Bermann. Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 22:43
1997 Hacia una comprensión conceptual de la guerra andina. In Arqueologia, Antropologia e Historia en los Andes: Homenaje a Maria Rosworowski, Rafael Varon Gabai and Javier Flores, eds. Lima: Institute of Andean Studies. (with John R. Topic)
1996 Review of Equity Issues for Women in Archaeology. Edited by Margaret C. Nelson, Sarah M. Nelson, and Alison Wylie. Latin American Antiquity 7:2.
1996 Cajamarca. In The Dictionary of Art, edited by Jane Turner, pp. 408-409 Vol. 5. London: Macmillan Publishers.
1996 Moche: Pottery and other arts. In The Dictionary of Art Vol. 21 pp. 752-75, Jane Turner Editor. London: Macmillan Publishers.
1993 The Late Horizon in Huamachuco. In: Provincial Inka: Problems and Means of Identification edited by Michael Malpass. University of Indiana Press, Bloomington (with J.R. Topic).
1992 The Rise and Decline of Cerro Amaru: An Andean Shrine during the Early Intermediate Period and Middle Horizon. In: Ancient Images, Ancient Thought: The Archaeology of Ideology, Chacmool. The University of Calgary (with John R.Topic).