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Dr. Patrick Burman

Division of Sociology and Family Studies, Division Chair
Office: BR 178
Telephone: (519) 432-8353, Extension 28247

Academic Background

  • B.A. Loyola College (Montreal)[now Concordia], Sociology, Arts
  • M.A. University of Notre Dame, Sociology
  • Ph.D. University of Notre Dame, Sociology

Research and Scholarly Interests

  • Fruitful learning interactions between the university classroom and the community (i.e. service learning)
  • African Canadians’ search for recognition in the Canadian society and imaginary, at the time of the Fugitive Slave Movement in the nineteenth century compared to the present
  • Identity formations, in their structured and dialogic aspects, in relations between mainstream Canadians and minorities
  • Theoretical study to apply to the identity relations cited above, especially Bourdieu, Bakhtin, Ricoeur.
  • Poverty and unemployment


I have taught courses in sociological theory at all levels, including graduate. In addition to general courses such as Social Problems and the Introduction to Sociology, I have taught various substantive sociologies: minorities, sociology of literature, religion, French/English relations. In recent years, having co-developed at Brescia a service learning program called Community Development (with Lisa Jakubowski), I have taught a course called the Foundations of Community Development, and supervised the Community Practicum where the students are in the field.

Representative Publications

  • “Teaching Community Development: A Case Study in Community-Based Learning” (with Lisa Jakubowski), Teaching Sociology (April 2004)
  • “Changes in Patterns of Unemployment: The New Realities of Joblessness”, in Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs, ed. By A. Duffy, D. Glenday, and N. Pupo,Harcourt Brace Canada, 1997.
  • Poverty’s Bonds: Power and Agency in the Social Relations of Welfare, Toronto: Thompson Educational Published, 1996.
  • Killing Time, Losing Ground: Experiences of Unemployment, Toronto: Wall and Thompson, 1988.

Community Links

Co-founded and currently administrate a scholarly group called Qualms (Qualitative Methods), composed of sociologists, anthropologists, a political scientist and philosopher in the Western community who meet monthly to discuss articles (in our 14th year).