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Q. My daughter has already attended Girls LEAD, should she come back?

A. Absolutely! In the past few years we have seen the Girls LEAD camp grow and we have welcomed many return campers. The program is always changing and each year we include new projects, activities, crafts, games, and concepts. Girls who return will meet new staff, new campers, and develop different skills. When planning the camp program we are aware of the camper’s age and development and we create the program with these things in mind meaning that as you camper develops and grows, so does our program.

We are also very excited to announce that we will be creating a new lunch program to ensure that the new campers still have a comprehensive lunch experience and that the return campers are exposed to new programming and menus.

Q. Do you take the campers swimming?

A. Yes. We take the campers swimming twice a week at the Western Recreation Centre on main campus. More information regarding swim times and rules will be available for families closer to the start of camp.

Q. Does my camper need to bring a lunch?

A. No. The cost of lunch is included in the camp fees. At Girls LEAD campers will have the opportunity to prepare their own healthy meals, participate in nutritional programming, and be responsible for meal clean up. This is a fun part of our day that allow the girls to develop confidence and life skills – not to mention the food is delicious and the process is a lot of fun!

Q. Do you offer any subsidized spots for families to access?

A. In partnership with London Life, the Amabile Choir, and St. John the Devine Catholic Women’s League, Brescia University College has established 12 bursary positions that will be used towards Girls LEAD camp fees and will hold no cash value. These bursaries will provide 12 girls the opportunity to participate in an available two-week Girls LEAD summer camp session and if requested, provide the family with the extended care option.
Bursary criteria:
 Open to girls eligible to participate in the Girls LEAD camp
 Have a financial need
 Complete the bursary application
 Provide a community reference
 Only one bursary will be issued per family/year
 Subject to camp availability in the various camp sessions
Deadline to apply:
 Monday March 31, 2014

Link to bursary appplication.

Q. Do you accept campers with special needs?

A. At Girls LEAD it is our goal to be inclusive and accessible. We honour and celebrate the diversity of our staff, campers, and women in the community. Please note any special circumstances in your registration form and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you and your camper. If you have already registered your camper please contact us and make us aware of any unique circumstances or challenges that your camper may have.

If we can connect with you early in the planning stages of camp we can often work with you and your camper to integrate some special requests into the camp curriculum.

Q. Can I enrol my camper in one week of the two-week sessions?

A. Each session is designed to be one continuous and comprehensive program. Our camp sessions tend to fill up quickly and we cannot register campers for part of a two-week session when other campers want to participate in the full program.

Q. Can I enrol my camper into a session with a different age group?

A. We strive to keep the programming at Girls LEAD age sensitive. For this reason we are accepting only girls going into the grade specified for each session. This allows us to tailor our programming to the unique needs of each age group.

Q. Can my camper be paired with one of her friends during camp?

A. We often have campers register for Girls LEAD in the same session as their friends. Typically we spend the whole day in a group so there will be time for friends to interact during drop off, pick up, physical activity, and a various times throughout the day. That being said, a large part of the Girls LEAD program is getting to know each other, changing groups often, and working with individuals we do not always work with. This encourages our campers to develop new relationships and new skills.

Q. Who staffs the camp?

A. The counsellors at Girls LEAD are enthusiastic, positive, and passionate Brescia students. Each counsellor goes through a formal hiring and screening process. All successful applicants go through extensive training, must be certified in First Aid and CPR-C, and have a criminal record check on file. Our counsellors are not just supervisors or babysitters; they are strong women that take being a role model seriously, they are encouraging and supportive, and they understand their responsibility to the younger generation. Counsellors are trained to be sensitive to each girl’s unique circumstances and will strive to be supportive and meet the needs of each individual camper.

The camper/staff ratio is 7:1.

Here is what some of our campers have to say about the staff team:
“The counsellors are probably the biggest reason that I want to come back. They trusted us and didn’t treat us like little kids. I think they helped all of us believe in ourselves.” Camper

“The counsellors were fun, really nice, always having a smile on their face when we came in the morning and out at night! They made sure we understood anything before we started games or activities. I was always looking forward to coming to Girls LEAD mainly because of the fun we had and the counsellors! Great work ladies!” Camper

“I feel that the counsellors are good role models, make us feel safe, and they understand our problems and try to help.” Camper

Q. How do I register?
A. This link will take you to the registration page.


Contact Samantha, Girls LEAD Program Coordinator, at or call 519.432.8353 Ext. 28037