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Graduate Programs

Faculty and Research:

Brescia’s faculty members are known for being on the cutting edge of teaching and research. A majority are Registered Dietitians and/or Professional Home Economists. They conduct research in such areas as diabetes and obesity prevention programs (food science, nutrition education and food skills development). They are also experts in food and nutrition policies and programs.

The faculty members are:


The Internship Co-ordinator, Kayla Glynn, is a Registered Dietitian who seeks internship placement opportunities which will meet student interests and needs. The Internship Co-ordinator monitors student acquisition of dietetic competencies during their internship and liaises with RD preceptors throughout southwestern Ontario and beyond.


The Graduate Program Co-ordinator, Patricia Dobson, co-ordinates admissions, logistics of the internship placements, and works with both the Director of the Graduate Program in Foods and Nutrition and the Internship Co-ordinator in the overall administration of the program.


For more information, contact us:

Patricia Dobson,
Graduate Program Co-ordinator
519-432-8353 x28047

Kayla Glynn, MHSc RD
Internship Co-ordinator
519-432-8353 x28257