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Jennifer Milne Class of 2009
Honors Specialization in Psychology,

Minor in Political Science
MSc Neuroscience candidate, The University of Western Ontario, 2011

Jen is a member of the class of 2009 and has stayed close to Brescia by choosing to pursue her graduate work at the University of Western Ontario, where she completed her MSc in visual neuroscience and successfully defended her thesis in December 2010. Jen is working on her PhD specifically on neuroplasticity of the visual system. Jen remembers her time at Brescia as being part of a “tight- knit community."


Jenille Hutchinson Class of 2009
Bachelor of Science, Foods & Nutrition
MSc Foods & Nutrition Candidate 2011

Jenille graduated from the Honors Foods and Nutrition program and was inducted into Brescia's Honors Society; a very notable accomplishment in recognition of her hard work and dedication by her faculty and peers. In her undergraduate years at Brescia, Jenille was involved in coordinating a nutrition program for elementary school children within the London community (among other activities).


Holly Borrows Class of 2005
Bachelor of Arts, Community Development and Sociology Class of 2005
Grade 4/5 Teacher, Thames Valley District School Board

Holly is from Dorchester, Ontario, and during her time at Brescia was very involved in student life. She participated in students’ council, charity work, sports and music. After graduation from Brescia, Holly pursued her Bachelor of Education Degree at the Faculty of Education at Western and then went on to further studies at Griffith University in Australia to earn her Masters of Education.


Taslim Alani Class of 2009
Honors Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
MA, International Development Studies, Dalhousie University
MA Candidate Clinical Psychology with Specialization in Women’s Studies 2012
PhD Candidate, 2016

Taslim graduated in 2009 with an Honors Specialization in Psychology (BA). She completed her honors thesis on how women present their feelings about their bodies in public and private conditions. This was followed by completing a Masters in International Development Studies at Dalhousie University, where her research focused on women's experiences of intimate partner violence on First Nations' communities. Taslim is currently at Lakehead University pursuing a
Masters in Clinical Psychology with a Specialization in Women's Studies.


Christine DawsonChristine Dawson (’23) was part of Brescia’s first graduating class and helped establish the Alumnae Association. Christine was recognized as an Alumna Trailblazer in September 2009. Read more about Christine and other distinguished alumnae on the Notable Alumnae page.


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