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Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry


Director of Campus Ministry

Catherinanne George

Room 155 Mother St. James Building

Phone: 519 432 8353 ext 28258




Mass is celebrated in the Brescia Chapel, located in the Ursuline Hall. The Chapel provides a quiet, peaceful space for reflection, prayer, inner restoration, and healing. All are welcome.

Catholic Chaplaincy Services

Religious services for Roman Catholic students are available on our campus.

  • Sunday – 12:00 Noon
  • Tuesday – 12:00 Noon
  • Wednesday - 12:00 Noon
  • Thursday – 12:00 Noon
  • Friday – 12:00 Noon

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available before or after Mass or by appointment with the Celebrant. Mass is celebrated Tuesday through Friday at noon, and at noon on Sunday. Requests for the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, or Marriage are made to the Director of Campus Ministry. Ordinarily, membership in the Brescia Chapel community is required.


Work study students are hired annually to form a Campus Ministry Leadership team as well as to assist the Director of Campus Ministry with the organization and assignment of volunteers for our Sunday liturgy. Many other opportunities are available for students to participate in the campus Ministry and in the liturgy. Musicians and singers are welcomed. Students are also invited to become members of the liturgy committee which meets several times a year to enhance our celebrations and discuss the needs of the community and the preparation of the various religious celebrations.

To participate in any of our activities, contact Catherinanne at

About Campus Ministry

ServicesCampus Ministry is inclusive and provides opportunities for pastoral counselling, spiritual growth and faith exploration.

Chaplaincy service recognizes the importance of a healthy spirit to the successful development of values, character, relationships, and direction. Fuelling our faith, nurturing our spirit, and discovering focus and direction require a safe, respectful, non-judgmental environment, which allows for the free exploration of personal, religious, and spiritual issues.

Pastoral Counselling & Spiritual Direction

Brescia chaplaincy provides pastoral counselling to students, staff, and faculty by trained and experienced chaplains. Appointments can be made by contacting Catherinanne George.

Sophia Women

Returning to academic studies after some time at home or in other endeavours can be difficult. Special support is offered to women 25 years of age and older. Brescia Sophia Women enrich the community with their experience. Their needs are group-determined and met collaboratively.


The chaplaincy department recognizes the enrichment and blessing that our multi-cultural and multi-faith student body brings. The expansion of our consciousness, individually and communally, to the needs of our world is encouraged. Therefore, program development is flexible, and open to address the real needs of our students. At the heart of chaplaincy service is the mission and vision of Brescia to empower students to grow in wisdom, compassion, and justice for all in a community that promotes human development, respect, dignity, and compassion towards all.

The Brescia Chapel community is a welcoming community. Our spirits are enriched by those who join us. As chaplains we seek to serve the needs of the Brescia community.

Sacred space for prayer is provided for our Muslim students in a prayer room off of the auditorium in the Mother St. James building. 

Spiritual Retreats

In our busy world we all need quiet time to reflect, assess, give thanks, and pray. We recognize that silence, a peaceful environment, and a sacred space nourish our spirits, awaken us to the many blessings of our lives and give us a deeper union with God and a greater understanding of ourselves.  

Retreat opportunities are given to students to nourish their spirits and engage with one another in a context of deep respect, reflective listening, and openness to the diversity and enrichment of our multi-faith multicultural environment. Retreat times are arranged when students are less stressed with exams and papers.

Highlights of the Year

Catholic Students' Week

On Feb 6th over 150 students particapated in the lucheon Wed afternoon to celebrate Catholic Students`Week here at Brescia University College. Food and activities were offered for all students of all faiths.

One creative activity for students to engage themselves in was the "prayer tree" in which students were invited to choose from a selection of colourful paper and markers to write a prayer, a blessing or to share something that they felt meaningful. The note was strung by a string and placed amoungst the other thoughts on the tree.
Another activity for students was one in which students were given a paper leaf. On the one side of the leaf was a word to contemplate and when flipped to the other side, there was a quote from a Brescia student that explained the gift that by being a Brescia student they had recieved. 38 different words were written on these leaves and many students recieved this wonderful gift.

I'm a student at Brescia and I recieved a leaf. "Healing" said the leaf. And on the reverse "brescia encourages you to be who you were meant to be." This made my day! – Melissa Jukes


Visit the Choir page for more audio, or visit us on SoundCloud.

Lessons of Love, Carols of Praise – Christmas 2012

Interested in joining the choir in 2013? Contact Catherinanne: