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Residence FAQs

Residence FAQs

Living in Residence has been the best choice I ever made. I met my best friends on the planet in first year, and in my upper years I got to watch new girls come in and meet their new best friends. Residence is ever-changing, but always caring.– Emma


This space is dedicated to the frequently asked questions that are asked by prospective and current residence students.

NEW - Updated July 30th Residence Information Flyer and Additional FAQs

If a question you have is not answered here, please contact the Residence Manager at

Residence Fees

Living in Residence

Applying for Residence

Questions from Parents



Residence Fees

What are the residence fees for the 2013-2014 academic year?

The residence fees for the current academic year are on our Residence Admissions page. Fees are typically posted by the end of May for the Fall Winter session.

Residence Room Fees for 2013-2014

Double Room*
Shared room and bathroom with one other female
Cost $5,750

Shared en suite*
Single room and shared bathroom with one other female
Cost $ 7,200

Premium Single*
Single room and personal bathroom
Cost $ 7,700

Meal Plan Cost $3,750 – not included in room fees.

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What is included in the residence fees?

Fees include a residence room, a mandatory meal plan, Reznet (internet access), access to various residence activities and leadership experiences, and caretaking of common spaces. Return to Top

What if a student is receiving OSAP?

All payments and other financial arrangements are made through the Business Office, located in the Mother St. James Building, Rm 152.


For more details on paying your fees, deadlines and OSAP release, please refer to Tuition and Scholarships info or contact the Financial Aid Office.



Living in Residence

Living in residence has been an amazing experience because it truly feels like home. Your floormates become your family and I met my closest friends in residence. The staff take the time to get to know you personally and often make the transition from being away from home easier. Plus living less than 2 minutes away from classes and a short walk to main campus is a bonus – Felicity

When will students be allowed to move into residence and where will they check in?

Move-in will occur between 1pm and 4pm on Sunday September 1. All residents received an email with informaiton about their specifci move-in time and location. Please note, our elevator will not be operational until early October. While we will have extra hands to assist on Sunday, it still will be a challenge moving in (sturdy shoes please). Return to Top

What can be expected on Move-In day?

Once you arrive in the vicinity of the campus, there will be signs, student staff, and volunteers providing directions to specific parking areas for the residence. Students will access Clare Hall via Sarnia Road (not Western Road). Sophs, or upper year students, will help you unload the car and assist with carrying baggage to the room. There will be Residence Life Staff in the building to give directions to the room and welcome you to the building. Don’t forget a camera to remember this monumental event. Move-In Day will also provide opportunities to acquire a long distance telephone plan, buy your orientation package, and usually check out some Brescia merchandise. Return to Top

Can I find out my neighbour's name before I move in?

Due to the Privacy Act, we are not allowed to give out names of residents. Return to Top

What do the rooms look like?

Each room has a queen-sized bed, a refrigerator, an extra large closet with modular storage, a built-in desk, a desk chair, a window seat, wired Internet access, your own sink, and a door into the washroom (shower and toilet) you share with the woman next door. Each resident is responsible for the cleanliness of her own room; cleaning staff look after corridors, public washrooms and areas of the building. Return to Top

May a student bring her own furniture to residence?

Furniture is provided and must remain in the room. If something is required for medical reasons, special consideration may apply. In such an instance, please contact the Residence Manager at Return to Top

Can I have cable TV?

There is TV in the lounges. Cable TV may be purchased through separate contract via Rogers. Information will be available at Clare Hall reception. Return to Top

Are there phones in the room?

No. Students will be asked to provide a contact cell number at move-in day in case we need to contact you in an emergency.
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What should not be brought for my room?
  • Cooking appliances
  • Halogen lamps including lava lamps (sorry, they pose a fire hazard)
  • Pets
  • Candles & incense (Again, fire hazard)
  • Extra furniture

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Are internet charges included in my room?

Internet charges are included in the cost of your room. Return to Top

Can I share a suite with someone I know?

Students may pre-select a suitemate if they know someone else who is going to be living in residence at Brescia. Return to Top

Will my parents be notified of any changes, personal information or things that go on in residence?

Parents will not be notified of any changes or a student's personal information. Unless we receive written permission, we are unable to discuss anything with parents. Parents will only be contacted if they are listed as the emergency contact and the student is determined to be at risk. Return to Top

What if a student wants to move off-campus for the winter semester?

Students can move off-campus at any point throughout the school year. However, students are responsible for all residence fees for the whole year. Return to Top

What are the rules in residence?

Detailed information on rules regarding quiet hours, alcohol, guests, etc. can be found under the Handbook section on the website. Return to Top

What services does reception provide?

The Front Desk is always a fairly buzzing place within the residence. The desk is open 24 hours a day. The Front Desk Staff are responsible for various administrative functions; they call for emergency assistance when needed and can help you if you get locked out of your room. Return to Top

Where do I pick up my mail?

Your mail will arrive at reception and be sorted into mailboxes located near the Front Desk. Mailbox keys will be available throughout the first week of school.

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How are the facilities maintained?

Housekeeping is responsible for maintaining the halls and lounges, but students are required to clean their washrooms and clean/vacuum their own rooms during the semester. Return to Top

What about safety?

All outside doors are locked except for the main door at the front of the residence building. For the student’s safety, a uniformed security officer is on duty in the late evenings and overnight. There is a Front Desk Staff Member 24 hours a day. At night, Foot Patrol provides safe escorts on the main and affiliated college campuses. The escorts (male and female team) will pick up/wait with students at bus stops and pick up/drop off students at their vehicles in parking lots and residence. Return to Top

Can I get insurance for what is brought to residence?

Usually, if the parents have home insurance the students can claim their belongings under their parent's insurance. Please consult your insurance provider for further information. Return to Top

How does one get around London?

Every full-time student is issued a city bus pass which is good for unlimited use of London Transit. The cost of the bus pass is included in tuition fees. There is also a King's/ Brescia bus which has drop-off and pick-up sites on main campus and at both colleges. Parents using London Transit can expect to pay the regular fees. Return to Top

Applying for Residence

How does one apply for residence?

Brescia students will receive a Residence Offer as part of the Offer of Admission. Follow the steps in the Application Process located on the Apply to Residence page to confirm your Residence acceptance. After June 3rd space is first come first serve. If you have an Offer of Residence you need to confirm your acceptance within 7 days. Return to Top

How do I find out if my application has been received?

Once a student has applied and submitted the residence deposit she will receive an email notifying them when their residence application is received. If 10-14 days go by without receiving a "Residence Confirmation" email, please contact the Residence Manager. Return to Top

What if I want to change my information on my application?

In order to change your preferences on your application, please email us at We will not accept phone calls or emails from parents/guardians wishing to change preferences for their student without prior written permission from the student. Return to Top

When will I find out if I have been accepted into Residence?

All first year Brescia students are guaranteed a space in residence if residence deposits and fees are paid on time. After an application is received, an email will be sent out confirming receipt of application. All residence correspondence is done through email and residence details will be sent out to students throughout the summer. Please ensure your email accounts have "" on the safe list so communications are not disposed of by email filters. Return to Top

If I decide that I do not want to live in Residence at Brescia University College. Can I get my deposit back?

Once a Confirmation of Residence has been sent, the deposit is non-refundable. If you pay a deposit and for some reason, Brescia is not able to offer you a space in residence you may get your deposit back. Return to Top

How does one withdraw from residence?

After move-in, no refund is provided for a residence withdrawal. If the student wants to withdraw,she should contact the Residence Manager at 519 432 8353 ext 28156. Return to Top

Can students apply to return to residence for next year?

Yes. The returning student application process begins in January. Students are notified via posters and meetings with instructions as to how and when to apply. Return to Top

Are students guaranteed a place in residence if they apply to return?

Residence is guaranteed for returning students if they apply before May 1. Return to Top


Questions from Parents

How "involved" should I be while my daughter is at school?

This is something that is totally up to you and your daughter to work out. Although it is very appropriate for parents to be interested in their daughter's experiences at University, we encourage parents to allow their daughter to own these experiences. This means that the students are expected to take responsibility for their decision-making and conduct while living in residence and attending university. If the student has a concern, it is appropriate for the student to seek resolution for it. Many times when a parent contacts us, with completely good intentions, to attempt to resolve an issue of their daughter's, we must ask them to have the student contact us instead. It is expected that students will act on their own behalf wherever possible, and regardless of who is "paying the bills", please understand that for all intents and purposes our client is the student. Return to Top

What if my daughter has special needs?

If your daughter has special living requirements (i.e. larger room for support equipment) have her contact the Residence Manager at 519 432 8353 ext 28156. Any request for special accommodation needs to be accompanied by signed supporting documentation from a certified authority (doctor, nutritionist, etc.). Accommodations may not be able to be made after August 1. Return to Top

Will I be notified of any changes, personal information or things that go on in residence, in regards to my daughter?

You will not be notified of any changes or a student's personal information. Unless we receive written permission, we are unable to discuss any information about the student to anyone without consent. You will only be contacted if you are listed as the emergency contact and the student is considered to be at risk. Return to Top