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Student Life


What is Student Life?

At the heart of Student Life is student development and student learning. Together, these principles represent the philosophy, the goal, and the practice of our work in the Student Life Centre (SLC).

We believe that learning is a lifelong and shared process—learning happens always and everywhere!  Student Life functions best and is most enriching when our work is collaborative and integrated: coordinating all of our partners, working across disciplines, and encouraging multifaceted approaches and expertise to enhance the Brescia experience for all students.

We work with our campus community and London community to ensure that students are:

  • Safe and well
  • Academically engaged
  • Taking advantage of high impact educational experiences
  • Graduating with a sense of purpose
  • Have a positive affiliation with Brescia

Our Mission: Why do we exist?

We exist to create transformative opportunities that support

the holistic development and leadership capacity of every Brescia student.


By collaborating with students, faculty, staff, alumnae, colleagues on Western's

main campus, and diverse community partners,

we inspire student learning and positive action.