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What is Community

“Community Service-Learning (CSL) is an educational approach that integrates service in the community with intentional learning activities. Within effective CSL efforts, members of both educational institutions and community organizations work together toward outcomes that are mutually beneficial.”

-The Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning

For Students

How can I participate in CSL at Brescia?

CSL is a great opportunity for students to connect their academic knowledge with real-life experiences, benefiting the local community.

CSL lets you enrich your educational experience by integrating classroom concepts and content, community service, and reflection.

Students at Brescia have the opportunity to experience Curricular Community Service-Learning, which is CSL for academic credit, through the following programs and courses in:

For Faculty Members

How can I integrate service to the community with my specific course curriculum?

Student Life can help in the following ways:

  • Project development and coordination
    • Support in developing and defining projects based on course curriculum
    • Manage and organize all project queries during pre-project planning
    • Facilitate communication among all parties to ensure solid, well-organized project plans and outcomes
    • Review and recommend refinements to projects to support high-impact student learning
  • Project support
    • Logisitics
      • Provide project management guidance and support
      • Administrative assistance
    • Student training
      • Coordinate and conduct skill development opportunities related to service-learning and civic engagment principles, as well as career-building tools.
  • Experiential education development and promotion at Brescia


Please contact the Student Life Centre for further details.

For Community Members

How can I partner with a Brescia CSL course?

We always welcome new hosting partnerships with community organizations and are here to facilitate the connection between students, faculty, and community organizations wanting to work together.

Our students are eager to assist your organization with services to meet your needs.

Community organizations involved in CSL projects as hosts provide supervision, facilities, and materials for short-term projects or practicum experiences.


Please contact the Student Life Centre for more information.