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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do with my degree?

Anything and everything! Regardless of your discipline, when you graduate you will be equipped with a multitude of transferrable skills. While you are studying at Bresica, we also strongly encourage you to spend time building your experience by getting involved on campus, vounteering in the community, taking courses with experiential learning components, etc.

A degree alone is not enough to prepare you for the transition into the workplace--it is one piece of the puzzle when making decisions about your career.

The key is to learn about the career planning process and to start early. We recommend you attend our career development sessions in our Career Development Certificate Program for more on how to begin this process. You are also welcome to arrange an appointment with one of our SLC staff members to speak about your individual situation.

How can you help me find a job?

We have sessions and tools to help you conduct an effective job search. Of course, there is more to the job search than simply searching. With our support, you will assess and articulate your interests, skills, values, and personal style; learn how to network; become aware of the 'hidden job market'; develop good resume and cover letter writing skills; and prepare well for an interview.

I need to gain experience, where do I begin?

I feel so lost. How do I start identifying a career direction?

How am I supposed to decide on one career for the rest of my life?

You're not! Today, most people experience more than one career in their lifetime. Over time you will grow, your skills will grow, your experiences will develop, your interests may change, and your priorities also change. It's perfectly reasonable--and very likely--to expect your career options and choices to change throughout your life.

Career development is a process--a journey. If you're willing to commit the time to doing the personal work, we're commited to helping you and preparing you along the way as best we can!

How will being involved now help me get a job after graduation?

Why wait until after graduation to get started on your career? As a Brescia student, you can get involved in campus work and leadership opportunities that will help you develop transferable skills and experiences invaluable to your post-graduation work search.

Consider that some involvements require more time commitment, yet they also likely provide more opportunities for personal growth, skill development, responsibility, and learning.

Other involvements require lower time investment, such as volunteering at an event or simply participating. These provide the chance for you to meet people, try out an experience, and determine your involvement interests.

Why should I get involved as a student?

Choosing to be involved will enrich your time at Bresica in so many ways. Making personal connections with faculty, staff, and others students, and being in the loop about campus events will transform Brescia into a place and space that's yours. Getting involved gives you many opportunities to explore new interests, develop skills, enhance your academic pursuits, and have an impact on the Brescia community.

So, we ask you: Why NOT get involved?!

What do I need to do to apply to grad school?

I’m a 4th year Foods & Nutrition student. How do I get an internship?

All the job postings I find say experience is required.  How am I going to gain the experience needed if I can’t get a job?

Do you help alumnae?

We are happy to support our young alumnae, up to 1 year after graduation from Brescia in a variety of ways (scroll to bottom of page).