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June 10 , 2010

Brescia participates in community effort to bring good nutrition to Francophone children in Ontario

Brescia participates in community effort to bring good nutrition to Francophone children in Ontario

London, ON – Brescia University College contributed its expertise in nutrition as part of a joint project led by the French Health Network of Southern Ontario/Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l’Ontario to promote the health of Francophone children in Central and Southwestern Ontario.

The “healthy lifestyle education kit” was introduced on June 4, 2010 at Académie de la Tamise, a French-language elementary school in London, as part of a pilot project aimed at maintaining and improving health and well-being of children in the Francophone region of Central and Southwestern Ontario.

Canadian children are not escaping the obesity epidemic. According to a report published in 2007 by Health Canada, in 1978-9, 15 per cent of children were overweight or obese, whereas in 2004, obesity affected more than one quarter of children. This increased incidence of overweight/obesity in children has pushed our communities to pay special attention to the problems of unhealthy eating and inactivity, which contribute to the development of obesity, and to find ways to foster the learning of healthy eating habits and safe physical activity early in childhood.

Experts in nutrition and physical activity have worked since October 2009 on the creation of the education kit, which was produced as part of a pilot project at the French-language preschool centre, La Ribambelle. Dr. Isabelle Giroux, registered dietitian and professor in Brescia’s Division of Food and Nutritional Sciences, who was the lead coordinating the nutrition component of the kit, said this program is the first of its kind in Canada.

 “The early years are an opportunity for children to acquire healthy behaviours to favour a lifetime of healthy habits including healthy eating and regular physical activity. It is therefore of great importance for parents and early childhood educators to know how to promote the development of healthy habits from the start,” Giroux said.

The kits contain information and education tools about healthy eating, physical activity, and security, which will be shared with children, their families, and stakeholders who access or administer daycare services. More than 200 Francophone families with children attending the La Ribambelle child care centres will receive the kit, giving parents the opportunity to set a healthy example for their children.

The Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l’Ontario is working to improve access to French health services in Central and Southwestern Ontario by bringing stakeholders in the community together. This pilot project was carried out in partnership with the La Ribambelle child care centre, Brescia University College, the University of Western Ontario, Collège Boréal’s London campus, the Middlesex-London Health Unit, the London Intercommunity Health Centre, the Ontario Heart and Stroke Foundation, the London Regional Community Centre, and experts in the field of nutrition and physical activity. It was funded by the Public Health Agency through Société santé en français (SSF).

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