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Sophia Series

The Sophia Series 2013 - 2014

Stay tuned for our exciting roster of upcoming speakers!


The Sophia Series seeks to:

  • Present speakers with expertise in: leadership, the environment, activism, the arts, politics and spirituality.
  • Present you with women who boldly engage in our current cultural experience and bring positive transformation to our rapidly changing world.
  • Honour women’s historical and ongoing contribution to our local and national landscape.

Why “Sophia”?

The series derives its name from layers of meaning that align with Brescia’s mission and vision.

  • Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom.
  • Sophia is the personification of Wisdom in the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • Sophia is often symbolized by a dove, which is also imaged in Brescia’s logo (a tree is another of her symbols).
  • The feminine personification of wisdom is a cross-cultural phenomenon that can be found within other world religions and spiritualities.

Sophia Alumnae

Since 2005, The Sophia Series has provided Brescia students and the London community the opportunity to hear the wisdom of these extraordinary women

(from left to right):

Top Row: The Honourable Flora MacDonald, Dr. Margaret Wheatley, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Jane Urquhart, Maude Barlow, Michele Landsberg, Katherine Ashenburg, Christina Baldwin, Ann Linnea, Monia Mazigh, Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Stephanie Nolen.

Second Row: Louise Fagan, Sami Jo Small, Adria Vasil, Emma Donoghue, Bal Arneson, Ami McKay


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Sami Jo Small
Adria Vasil
Emma Donoghue


Series Sponsors

These Brescia departments collaborate to sponsor The Sophia Series:

  • The Ursuline Centre (Angela Merici Lecture)