Brighid Festival

Featuring Special Guest Facilitators
Mary Condren, Starhawk, Margie Gillis, & Michelle LeBaron

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The importance of empowered women to our planet is more acute than ever before. Today we face many challenges, from climate change to social and political injustice to the concentration of wealth and power into fewer hands. For a new world to emerge, we need a set of values that will counter these issues. We need our courage and passion to be twinned with nurturing and compassion so we may engage in sustained and hope-filled action that can regenerate our wounded world.

With this Brighid Festival occurring during the season and energy of Beltaine, we will also spend time exploring that each of us is a daughter of both human mothers and Mother Earth. We come, literally, from their bodies. Many of us are or will also be mothers ourselves- some physically, some spiritually, and others in chosen relationships. But Mother Earth groans under the neglect and failure of modern societies to honour Her. Relationships between human mothers and daughters can be ruffled by shadow qualities. Transformative tools are needed for understanding and shifting these patterns so that Brighid’s Flame can be passed between our generations with grace, honour and possibility.    

The Circle Women’s Centre for Spirituality, Activism & the Earth invites you to come nourish yourself by exploring these topics, alongside the stories and myths of Brighid that stretch back from our own time to predate organized religion and that tap into the universal figure of the Sacred Feminine, the Great Mother and the indigenous wisdom within European traditions. Come and experience powerful ritual, play with song and movement, take part in creative workshops, lectures, teachings, and discussions led by our amazing team of facilitators: Mary Condren, Starhawk, Margie Gillis, & Michelle LeBaron.

Delight in the bounty and beauty of sharing meals and our own stories, and join in the fun of our Saturday night céilidh or celebratory evening. This weekend will give you an opportunity to reconnect and re-member, to be en-couraged, enlivened and inspired. Together we will generate the wisdom, the energy, and a sense of community to fuel you, as a woman taking your place in transforming our world.

Why Brighid?

“Brighid provides an image of empowerment, integrity, courage, and complexity. She was pagan and Christian, rich and poor, slave and free. She invites us, therefore, to focus on what we have in common, rather than on what divides us." - Mary Condren

For many years now the feminist movement has yearned to recuperate a symbolic system and ritual tradition that honours and brings to consciousness the Feminine Sacred, for which the figure of Brighid is a powerful metaphor. The myths, traditions and tales of St. Brighid are often
merged with the Old Irish Wise Woman, the Cailleach, and the Celtic Goddess Brighid, providing us with a rich and extraordinary figure to explore and inspire us. She is an ancient role model for
modern women – a leader and a revolutionary, a healer and a wise woman. Through Brighid, women can deepen their connection to a healthy and holistic spirituality and be empowered
to become an agent of transformation and change.

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