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Work Study

Work Study Payroll



Work Study Pay Schedule 2013-2014



Please remember to submit your timesheet no later than Friday of each week.

Work Study Online Time Sheet



Confidentiality Policy and Attestation

TD1 form (Federal) for 2013 to be completed for personal tax credits for income tax purposes

Direct Deposit Form for the direct deposit of your pay to your bank account

Personal Update Information Form used to update your personal information for payroll records



Access to Online Paystub (this can be viewed from a computer ON CAMPUS only)

Instructions to view Online Paystub

Password Form Reset needed to access your paystub



Did you need a replacement T4 slip for work study earnings or a T4A for a scholarship, award, or bursary received?

T4/T4A request for replacement

T4/T4A consent to receive forms electronically


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