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Why Brescia


Do you want an education like no other?

To be supported and encouraged every step of the way?

Offered mentorship and guidance in your academic pursuits and personal development?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
lead your way at Brescia University College.

 At Brescia, you will be challenged to actively engage in your education, both inside the walls of your classroom and extending beyond into the local and global community. You will be offered unparalleled opportunities to develop your leadership skills and your true, authentic leadership character. With over 100 years of educating women, Brescia commits to enabling you to reach your full potential as a student and future leader.

Brescia is Canada’s women’s university. Since our inception in 1919, we’ve been educating passionate, creative, intelligent women — like you — who want to lead boldly in a rapidly changing world.

So what does it mean to attend a women’s-only university?

It means you will:

  • Receive an education tailored to your interests and learning style
  • Become confident sharing your opinions, insights, and ideas in class
  • Be surrounded and mentored by women in leadership positions, including your President, Academic Dean and Students’ Council Executives

Did you know that graduates from women’s universities and colleges report they are “completely satisfied” with their overall education and are more likely to pursue graduate degrees versus graduates from co-ed institutions? Women’s university and college graduates also report they felt greater support from their institution in preparation for their first job, as well as reported being better prepared for life after graduation than their co-ed counterparts (Source: Hardwick Day, 2012).

Learn today. Lead tomorrow.

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