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Articulation Agreements/Pathways

Brescia has partnered with other institutions in Ontario to create pathways through transfer credit agreements:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to be catholic to study at Brescia?
  • Brescia is Catholic in foundation, but students from all faiths and backgrounds are welcome. Students are not required to engage in religious experiences or to take Religious Studies courses.
  • Brescia offers mass services for interested students.
  • Students have access to a Muslim prayer room.
What can I anticipate from the learning environment at an all-women's institution?
  • The learning experience is tailored to female students and female learners – this means that we make efforts to ensure that campus is a comfortable, supportive, and a welcoming place for female students.
  • Brescia’s faculty members are aware of research and techniques for teaching specifically to female learners.
Can male students enroll in programs at Brescia?
  • The Preliminary Year Program is the only co-educational program at Brescia. Male students are unable to live in Brescia’s residence but are typically welcomed to apply for a spot in residence at King’s University College.
  • Only female students can register in degree programs at Brescia. Male students are welcome to take classes on Brescia’s campus as a part of the broader Western community (Huron, King’s, Western).
Is Brescia’s Foods & Nutrition program accredited?
  • Yes, the Foods & Nutrition program is accredited by the Partnership for Dietetic Education & Practice (Dietitians of Canada)
After I complete the four-year undergraduate Foods & Nutrition program, will I be a Registered Dietitian?
  • No, students must complete a Dietetic Internship, a master’s degree, or a post-graduate certificate after their degree to become a Registered Dietitian.
How far is Brescia from Western Campus?
  • Brescia is a 5-minute walk from Western’s campus.
Can I combine programs across campuses?
  • Yes, Brescia students can complete another module at any of the other campuses once residency requirements are maintained at Brescia.
Can I be on a Western varsity sports team if I attend Brescia?
  • Yes, Brescia has several varsity athletes, and we offer excellent academic support to these students, including an Academic Advisor who works specifically with athletes.
What is the Preliminary Year program?
  • The Preliminary Year Program is a pre-university program, equivalent to Ontario grade 12 at the university level.
  • Students can apply for Preliminary Year if they do not have the appropriate qualifications to apply directly to first year.
  • Preliminary Year is co-educational; both Male and Female students  can apply for admission.
Where do I send my transcripts?
  • Please submit your official documents using the Ontario Universities Application Centre OR via mail to: Admission Office, Brescia University College, 1285 Western Road, London ON, N6G 1H2.
  • As a result of COVID-19, we are also accepting transcripts emailed directly to
When will I hear an admission decision from Brescia?
  • Once all documents have been received by Brescia, the admissions team begin sending offers on a rolling basis. The typical processing time is 2 weeks for 105 applicants with a completed application.
  • If you have any concerns about your application, please connect with your Admissions Officer.
  • Applicants who do not meet the minimum entrance requirements, but wish to be considered based on extenuating circumstances or extra-curricular activities, should consider submitting an Applicant Profile.

How do I know if I qualified for an entrance scholarship at Brescia?
  • The Admissions Team will review your eligibility for an entrance scholarship and program award upon receiving unofficial transcripts. This decision is not final until a final review is conducted after receiving all final grade information.

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