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“I learned about Brescia from my educational mentor back home in Zimbabwe. I chose Brescia because I was inspired by Brescia’s commitment to educating women and helping them realize their true potential. Being an international student at Brescia has been a great experience. I get a chance to share my culture with others and also learn about their cultures. I have adapted to life in Canada through the support I receive from everyone at Brescia.”

Panashe Nyaude

Health Sciences & Community Development
Chitungwiza, Harare, Zimbabwe

Emily Murray

“By attending a women’s-only university, I felt more confident. I felt comfortable to raise my hand and ask questions. I was better able to focus on my studies. There is a sense of unity and empowerment among the students that I feel is unique to a female-only campus.”

Emily Murray

Family Studies and French for Teaching
Petrolia, Ontario

Essraa Naguib

“At Brescia I have had many opportunities to do what I love: lead and empower women. Whenever I see the potential to speak for women and their rights, I don’t hesitate. Brescia helps me grow every day and that is the most rewarding feeling.”

Essraa Naguib

Foods & Nutrition
Al-Sarkia-Zgazig, Egypt

Skye Barbato

“I was drawn to Brescia’s leadership opportunities, small class sizes, empowerment of women in academics, and the chance to build relationships with my classmates and professors. I was also ecstatic to have the opportunity to play varsity basketball at Western. I truly do have the best of both worlds. I get to stay in Clare Hall (the best residence in Ontario), eat delicious meals at the Mercato, attend engaging small classes at Brescia, and still have Western’s main campus experience.”

Skye Barbato

Burlington, Ontario

Ainsley Leguard

“When I visited campus, I was immediately drawn to the sense of community. Brescia fosters inclusion, support, and acceptance. I felt it on my campus visit and I know it to be true as a student.”

Ainsley LeguardPolitical Science & Sociology
Cobourg, Ontario


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