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Summer Orientation and Course Registration

Brescia’s Summer Orientation Days (SOD) prepare you for your transition into university life at Brescia. This program is designed for students who have accepted their Offer of Admission and are looking to complete course registration and take care of their “next steps” before classes begin. Family and friends of the Brescia Bound student are welcome to join.

Brescia has made the decision to adjust Summer Orientation services due to COVID-19. Service adjustments include a shift from in-person orientation sessions and course advising appointments, to a wide range of virtual resources, live information sessions and online advising appointments.

As an incoming student, you will have the chance to learn about financial aid, orientation and transition, and academic planning. Brescia staff will provide you with the tools, resources and support that you need for a successful and stress-free orientation – Simply follow the steps outlined below to complete your Summer Orientation. Questions? Visit the FAQ section at the bottom of this web page.

STEP 1: Register for Summer Orientation

You will have the flexibility to select:

  • Your one-on-one Online Course Advising Appointment with a Brescia course advisor
  • Live virtual events, including drop-in timetable support or peer-to-peer sessions

Online Course Advising Appointment

Due to volume, appointments are 30 minutes in length (maximum). We urge students to prepare in advance by completing all necessary steps (steps 1-4) before their scheduled appointment. Appointments are available between Monday, June 8 and Friday, July 31. Book early, as appointments are expected to fill quickly.

Book your first-year advising appointment

STEP 2: Review Orientation Videos and Online Resources

Learn from Brescia experts in the areas of Financial Aid, Student Life and Academic Advising. These online video resources are the start to a successful university transition.


STEP 3: Review Your Academic Program Information

Course selection and registration can be a confusing step in your preparation for university. Between required courses, electives, labs and tutorials, there are a lot of options to consider when creating your first university class schedule.

We have created academic program information that is specific to your chosen area of study. Our Academic Program Information will guide you through the process of reviewing your program requirements, evaluating your elective options and developing a class schedule that works for you.

Each Academic Program Information document includes:

  • An overview of activating your Western identity
  • An overview of Student Center, OWL and you Western email
  • An overview of the Draft My Timetable tool
  • An overview of program-specific information (required courses, labs and tutorials, electives)
  • An overview of how to complete your registration on Student Center.
  • An overview of common questions (see FAQ at the bottom of this page)

STEP 4: Draft Your Timetable

Now that you have the tools, resources, and knowledge – It is time to draft your academic timetable. Log in to Student Center and open the Draft My Timetable tool. Be sure to complete this step before meeting with your course advisor.


STEP 5: Attend Your Online Course Advising Appointment

Your course advisor will review your draft timetable, discuss future education/career goals, and support you with making any necessary adjustments before you officially enroll in your classes. Due to volume, appointments are 30 minutes in length (maximum). We urge students to prepare in advance by reviewing course options and drafting your schedule. Online registration available above. 

STEP 6: Register in Courses

You’re ready! Log in to Student Center ( to officially enroll in your courses for September. Year one students will select courses from the 0100–1999 range. Once you add or drop courses on the web, your record will be updated in real time. Course registration is available between June and September. First year course registration begins on June 6, 2020.

Remember, you can access many online resources to support the course registration process.

If you require assistance, contact the Hive by email at

STEP 7: Connect with current Brescia Students

Do you have additional questions about what it is like to be a Brescia student? Connect with incoming and current students to prepare for the academic year and learn more about the experiences that await you in September!

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