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Remember, you can access these online resources to support your Summer Orientation and Course Registration process:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when will my advising appointment take place?
You will have the flexibility to book an appointment date and time that suits your availability. Online Appointments will be 30 minutes in length and take place via Microsoft Teams, an audio/video application that allows us to connect in an online space. In-person Appointments will take place at Brescia University College on the Summer Orientation Day you have booked. 
What can I expect from my advising appointment?

Our team is here to help! Your course advisor will discuss future education/career goals and help you with your course selection before you officially enroll in your classes. By the end of your appointment you will:

discuss your required courses
discuss your elective courses (if applicable)
receive a copy of your course advising worksheet (including a list of your selected courses to reference during your course registration)

How can I prepare for my appointment?
We urge all incoming students to review the Summer Orientation Checklist and Brescia Welcome Guide while preparing for your appointment. Students are encouraged to review course options in advance of your course advising appointment. Additional resources are also available on the Summer Orientation and Course Registration page
Who should I book my appointment with?

All of our team members are highly knowledgeable about the course selection and registration process. You can book an appointment with any staff who are available in the "Online Course Advising Appointment" section of the appointment booking page.

NOTE: If you are an incoming student, entering into YEAR TWO OR ABOVE please book your advising appointment with a Senior Academic Advisor.

What is the deadline for course registration?
Course registration will be available between early June and mid September. The last day for online web registration is September 17*.
*Dates may change, visit  Western's Academic Calendar for official sessional dates.
Should I take the Brescia French Placement Test and how do I access it?

The Brescia French Placement Test determines your level of French to help you and us evaluate which course is the most appropriate for your level.

You DO NOT need to take the placement test if: 
- You never studied French, you do not need a placement test. You should register directly in French 1002.
-If you completed Grade 11 French or French 1002, you go to French 1010.

In all the other cases, the placement is recommended, including if:
-You completed Grade 12 (core, extended or immersion) French with "normal grades", (70-85%) you go to French 1910.
-If you completed Grade 12 (core, extended or immersion) with high grades (above 85%), and have a good mastery of written grammar, you may want to take the Placement Test. You may be placed to French 2900.

-If you studied in a Francophone school, and/or spent time in a Francophone environment, you need to take the placement test.

-If you studied French abroad, in a community college, or in a language school, you need to take the Placement Test.

-If you are a native speaker of French, you NEED to take the Placement Test.

The French Placement Test can be accessed through OWL . Login to OWL ( with your @uwo credentials and search Brescia French Placement Test and then you can join the site to complete the test.

Can parents or other guests participate? (E.g. In-person Summer Orientation, online course advising appointments?)

Yes! Parents and family members are welcome and encouraged to participate! We recognize that parents are a key resource and support for their student. Parent participation in virtual events or advising appointments may vary, but at minimum we recommend that parents review the following resource with their student:

  • Financial Planning Video
  • Orientation and Transition Video
  • Residence Handbook and other supporting information related to residence.
I had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in high school. Who can I contact about accommodation while attending university?

Accessible Education at Western can help organize next steps for any necessary accommodations that you may need while attending university. To book an appointment with Accessible Education, please email

Academic accommodation must be requested during the summer, as soon as possible after students register for courses. Later requests will be considered however, accommodation may not be arranged in time for first term examinations. Please note that academic accommodation and related assistance provided at Western may differ from that provided by an individual’s previous educational institution. More information about is available at the Accessible Education website.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions about summer orientation and course registration?

If you have additional questions, please email or call The Hive at 519.858.5151.