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Resources & FAQs

Remember, you can access these online resources to support your Summer Orientation and Course Registration process:

Getting Started:

Selecting your Courses:

Drafting a Timetable:

Important Websites:

Frequently Asked Questions

I missed my Live Academic Program Session for my respective area of study? What should I do?
We encourage all incoming students to participate in the Live Academic Program Session for your area of study. If you missed the session for your area of study. Please review the appropriate “Academic Program Information” (PDF) for your program. This document will support you in course selection and and help you to become more familiar with important websites and online resources that you will access as a Brescia student. If you have immediate concerns, please contact Jazmyn Jansen.
What is the deadline for course registration?
Course registration will be available between early June and mid September. The last day for online web registration is September 17*.
*Dates may change, visit  Western's Academic Calendar for official sessional dates.
Can parents or other guests participate? (E.g. virtual events, online sessions or one-on-one course advising appointments?)

Yes! Parents and family members are welcome and encouraged to participate! We recognize that parents are a key resource and support for their student. Parent participation in virtual events or advising appointments may vary, but at minimum we recommend that parents review the following resource with their student:

  • Financial Planning Video
  • Orientation and Transition Video
  • Residence Handbook and other supporting information related to residence.
I had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in high school. Who can I contact about accommodation while attending university?

Accessible Education at Western can help organize next steps for any necessary accommodations that you may need while attending university. To book an appointment with Accessible Education, please email

Academic accommodation must be requested during the summer, as soon as possible after students register for courses. Later requests will be considered however, accommodation may not be arranged in time for first term examinations. Please note that academic accommodation and related assistance provided at Western may differ from that provided by an individual’s previous educational institution. More information about is available at the Accessible Education website.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions about summer orientation and course registration?

If you have additional questions, please email or call The Hive at 519.858.5151.