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Cook with Brescia

On March 23, alumna Jennifer MacKenzie '93 lead a group close to 30 alumnae in an online cooking class to teach the art of Choux Pastry with her recipe for Berry Mint Profiteroles


profiterolesChoux pastry, or pâte à choux, is an important and versatile building block in the world of baking and pastry, puffing up when cooked to make everything from cream puffs, profiteroles, and éclairs to Parisian gnocchi, churros, beignets and more.

Choux has the reputation for being difficult, but it’s surprisingly simple. Master this easy recipe and you can make many pastries most bakers are scared to try.

Jennifer MacKenzieJennifer MacKenzie is a Professional Home Economist who wears many aprons as a freelance food writer, recipe developer and media spokesperson with a little event planning added to the mix. She has taught cooking classes across Canada, writes and develops recipes for print and online publications and has tested and recipe-edited over two hundred cookbooks.

She is the author/co-author of eight cookbooks, including the bestselling, The Complete Book of Pickling, The Complete Book of Pickling Second Edition, and The Dehydrator Bible. Jennifer is the Chair of Awards Committees for the Taste Canada Awards, project coordinator for Farm & Food Care Ontario and Festival Director for the SPARK Photo Festival.

Did you miss the online class? Everything you need is right here - the recipe, ingredient list and even a recording of the online session.

Recipe Online Cooking Class Recording Prep List

Digital Devices and your HouseholdLarissa Mills

Did you miss our online event with alumna Larissa Mills '96?

On January 26, Brescia hosted an event to help you navigate managing screentime of those living in your household. Larissa is an educational consultant and parent technology coach and founder of She believes that more parents, coaches and teachers are needing strategies, tools, courses, videos, podcasts to help balance life with technology and decrease mental health issues. 

Watch the recording to learn some strategies to help your family better manage screentime in your household.