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Brescia University College


Bold Marketing Partner


Brescia University College (“Brescia”) is soliciting quotations from qualified providers who specializing in delivering results-oriented digital marketing strategies and solutions. We need a visionary digital partner to help us achieve this goal by creating a digital marketing strategy that positions us as
top-of-mind for students who align with our values of diversity, inclusion and social justice and are seeking an educational institution that can help turn their noble ambitions into achievable goals.

This RFP reflects our desire for an ongoing partnership that will ebb and flow with our needs. Currently, we are preparing to enter into our recruitment season, which kicks off in the fall (September 2022). Therefore, our most immediate need is a global digital marketing strategy that will reach relevant audiences; clearly articulate Brescia's mission; and encourage students to apply to our university in advance of the March 2023 application deadline.

Are you the bold marketing partner Brescia is looking for?

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In addition to collaborating with Brescia on the overall strategy, look and feel of a superior marketing campaign, we need an agency who can deliver on eye-catching, attention-getting tactics and collateral.

These include, but will not be limited to:

-        Branded videos, animations, reels and advertisement videos

-        Paid ads and social posts (be specific about what your team will provide i.e., content, graphics only)

-        Landing pages

-        Measurement and reporting with a strong focus on conversions

The ability to scale our collaboration beyond the initial scope will be dependent on:

-        The successful achievement of agreed upon key performance indicators

-        The suitability of the collaboration and alignment of values

-        Capabilities of the digital marketing partner

-        Feasibility, budget & projected and realized ROI


Planned Schedule

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Questions and Clarifications

All inquiries regarding this Request for Quotations shall be directed by e-mail to Rachel Macaulay rmacaul@uwo.ca. Questions and requests for clarification must be received by 4:30 p.m. July 12. Management’s answers to all such inquiries will be provided by email and, if relevant to group, posted to MERX.