Students sitting on chairs, talking and studying.

Health Requirements and Forms

Students participate in shaping their practicum schedule through regular meetings with their Dietetic Education Coordinator ensuring the placement schedule will meet dietetic competencies.

Health and Non-Health Requirements

All Internship Stream students need to be cleared by Western Student Health Services (WSHS) for various health and non-health requirements.  Details for acquiring the Health and Non-Health requirements will be made available to students during first-year of the MScFN program and updates will be posted to the dietetic practicum students’ online western learning website (OWL). Below are some of the health and non-health requirements that students will need to acquire prior to the start of their practicum:

  • Criminal Reference Check
  • Dietitians of Canada Membership and Insurance (Liability and Accident)
  • Up-to-date vaccines and immunizations (a list to be provided)
  • Resume kept current
  • Proof of Driver’s License (G2)
Research Requirements

Research evaluation materials will be made available to students as part of their program orientation. Students are responsible to arrange regular meetings with their Faculty Research Supervisor to ensure successful progress with their research.