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Curriculum Outlines

Fall Term (Year 1 Students)


MScFN Course Schedule 2021-2022


FN 9711 - Nutrition Research and Epidemiology

This course will provide an introduction to principles of epidemiology as applied to nutrition. Students will learn about study design, conduct, analysis, and interpretation of epidemiologic studies related to nutritional status, diet and disease relationships. Students will learn how to enter and analyze their own data, and will develop a conceptual understanding of multivariate statistics.

FN9711 Course Outline 2021-2022

FN 9888 - Seminar in Food & Nutritional Sciences

This seminar course will provide students with an opportunity to enhance their research presentation skills by viewing and critically appraising other research talks and by gaining experience presenting secondary research data on selected topics in nutrition.

FN9888 Course Outline 2021-2022


Winter Term (Year 1 Students)


MScFN Course Schedule 2021-2022


FN 9111 - Food and Nutritional Policies and Regulations (Elective)

Food and Nutritional Policies and Regulations
This course is designed to provide advanced study of the Food and Nutritional Policies and Regulations for topical / current issues in nutrition, food science and technology in health and disease.

FN 9111 Course Outline 2020-2021

FN 9211 - Leadership and Food Management (Elective)

This course integrates practice-based research and experience-based issues in Leadership and Food Management, in a number of different environments, including but not limited to Healthcare (both acute and long term care), Industry, Hospitality, Education institutions and Entrepreneurship.

FN9211 Course Outline 2020-2021

FN 9444 - Advances in Clinical Nutrition (Elective)

An intensive review and critical evaluation of the current medical nutrition management of diverse disease conditions in different stages of the life cycle.

FN9444 Course Outline 2020-2021

FN 9666 - Community Nutrition and Program Planning (Elective)

Advanced study of the principles and practice of community nutrition and education.  Based on an understanding of the impact of public policy and social determinants on health, students will explore concepts of health promotion, program planning and evaluation, and current public health priorities.

FN9666 Course Outline 2021-2022

It is expected that on weekdays when classes are not scheduled, students will be available for dedicated research work and thesis preparation.


Continuing Students

FN 9822 - Thesis in Foods and Nutrition

Each student in the Thesis Stream will work closely with a faculty supervisor to develop a thesis topic, submit an ethics proposal, collect and analyze data, and write the thesis.

Preparation for research will begin during the first term, while the student is also enrolled in classes. Together, the student and supervisor will draft a learning contract that will make explicit the expectations for the terms and progress of the research and development of the thesis. 

Progress in research will intensify throughout the second term of the first year, as the focus moves toward thesis project design and planning. 

The student will submit and defend the thesis by the end of the fifth or sixth term of the program.