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Thesis Guidelines

Thesis Stream students must follow the guidelines and procedures set by The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS). Please review all of the information on the SGPS website carefully.

Thesis Examinations at Brescia
Please work with your Thesis/Research Supervisor to identify a thesis examination date. You will need to ensure your thesis is approved by your supervisor (and necessary paperwork completed) in order to proceed to the thesis examination. Your thesis Supervisor will need to ask faculty at Western and at Brescia (Division of Food and Nutritional Sciences) to participate as your Thesis Examination Committee. All of this information needs to be shared with the Graduate Program Coordinator so the proper paperwork can be completed and submitted to SGPS for approval.

Typically, thesis examinations are held in the Oak Room in Ursuline Hall (and may also be held in another room depending on availability). Thesis students are expected to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, presented at the beginning of their thesis examination. The thesis examination usually lasts two hours.

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