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About Us

Our students are from all over the globe—from the Caribbean to Asia, the United States to the United Arab Emirates. Their backgrounds, cultures, and faiths may be different, but they are united by a desire to receive a student-centred education that will help them realize their future goals.

A letter from our International Program Coordinator, Lissette Ochoa

Welcome to Brescia University College - a place you will soon call your second home. Moving to a new country and leaving home can be frightening, but I am here to support you every step of the way. 

My name is Lissette Ochoa and I am your International Program Coordinator. My role and passion is to support Brescia’s international students through their transition into academics, life in London, Ontario and across the Brescia community. I understand firsthand the challenges you may face when moving to a brand new country, but I want you to know, I am here to listen and help guide you so your experience at Brescia is a positive and memorable one.

You will receive ongoing support and orientation in basic needs services, immigration resources, community connections, employment and education in Canada. I also provide supportive training opprotunities in cultural diversity and awareness in Canada.

Through the years I have been blessed to work with students and families from all around the world. Through my experiences I have gained knowledge in various culture which has led me to better understand my students and deeply appreciate the wonderful benefits they bring to our community. I believe in celebrating our diversity and differences through opportunities to share your personal international experience and culture with fellow students, staff and faculty

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All the best,