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Student Connector Program

The Student Connector Program connects incoming international students with upper-year Brescia students. The purpose of the program is to welcome our international students and assist with their transition by pairing them with an upper-year mentor who can share their experience, act as a guide and help ensure a smooth transition. These peer to peer partnerships enhance our cultural awareness and continue to build our bold Brescia community.

Together, as an incoming international student you will:

  1. Learn about Brescia and living in Canada
  2. Share personal experiences and discover each others’ cultures
  3. Participate in campus events
  4. Explore the Forest City (parks, shopping, restaurants, etc.)

Upper year students have an option to track this on their Co-Curricular Record pending completion of specific criteria, including:

  • Participating in a training session
  • Completing four hours volunteering in September
  • Completing two hours from October and November
  • Completing one hour from December to April
  • Maintaining a high level of engagement
  • Feedback at the end of the program

Join the Student Connector Program

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