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Fair Dealing and Condition

What Can I Copy?

Before you can copy materials, you must first determine whether you are able to copy specific works. Below is a simple five-question guide to assist in making decisions regarding your rights and responsibilities concerning the use of a work:

Is the material you wish to copy protected by copyright?

Does copyright exist for this material? See the Terms of Copyright section of the CCA or Copyright @ Western’s Term Protection Guidelines for more information.

Is the proposed use “substantial”?

Substantial use is not a discrete amount; rather, it is dependent on context and the extent of the material used. Please refer to Copyright @ Western’s Substantiality Guidelines.

Does permission exist in the form of a license?

Your ability to use a work is dictated by the licensing agreement negotiated with Western or Affiliate libraries. For more information about Licensing, please refer to Copyright @ Western’s Licensed Use Guidelines.

Is the use allowed under a statutory exemption?

Are you using the work for a purpose that constitutes:

Do you need to secure copyright clearance?  
When all other options for use cannot be satisfied, it is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission from the copyright holder.

These are only general guidelines. Please refer to Copyright @ Western’s Copyright Decision Map for more information regarding what can and cannot be copied and/or placed on reserve.

All items on library reserve must adhere to the Canadian Copyright Act or fall within Fair Dealing legislation (Section 29 of the CCA).

Beryl Ivey Library staff will analyze all library reserve requests for copyright and/or fair dealing compliance and will not approve requests that do not meet the requirements.

Condition of Online Materials

It is very important that all slides and images are in grayscale or black and white. Please do not submit colour files. It is very costly for students to print notes or slides in colour.

Please ensure that all slides have a white background and black font. Coloured or dark backgrounds use a very large amount of ink toner when printed. This can be costly for both the library and students.