Tim D’Souza serving food to students in the Mercato


Delicious. Nutritious. Diverse.

Brescia’s dining hall, commonly known as the Mercato (or market in Italian!), offers a variety of options to meet all dietary needs. Tim D’Souza, Brescia’s Red Seal Chef, ensures there is a strong focus on sustainability and healthy meal options for students, faculty and staff.

All residents living in Clare Hall are required to purchase a Meal Plan that can be used in The Mercato and at the Starbucks kiosk. Meal Plan dollars are deemed non-taxable. 

For the 2021/2022 academic year, there will be one meal plan option:

  1. Icon of a fork and knife.

    Meal Plan A


Convenience dollars cover taxable items such as pre-packaged snacks and soft drinks. These dollars are built in the Meal Plan priced at $795.00. You can covert Convenience dollars into Meal Plan dollars using the Meal Plan ChangeSwitcher form . Additionally, students have an option to “top-up” their meal plan at any time during the academic year at The Hive.

To learn more visit the Mercato website.