Brescia students and sophs wearing Choose to Lead shirts

Orientation Week

Get ready to make some life-long memories! Orientation Week at Brescia is filled with social and interactive events to make your transition into university easier. While attending Canada’s largest Orientation Week at Western, and having a small collaborating experience at Brescia, our students get the best of both worlds.


You will never forget your Soph’s (very!) high energy

From the moment you are dropped off at Clare Hall, to the end of your first year, your Soph is always there to help you. Their high energy is undeniably contagious and by the end of the Orientation Week you will be right there with them doing Brescia’s classic hair flip!

You will gain life-long friends

As cliché as this sounds, it’s true! You will find your squad. After attending Brescia’s Welcome Rally, cheer practice and Foundress Day, the people you hang out with will be your forever friends.

Brescia students
Three students walking on campus

You will know Brescia’s campus inside and out.

Events during Orientation Week take place across campus (including Western). You will get the opportunity to explore the beautiful campus and find yourclasses before they even start. Don’t forget to check-out Brescia’s new state-of-the-art Academic Pavilion!