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Sharing Information

If you are a faculty or staff member of Brescia who has received a disclosure, you must report it to Brescia in compliance with legislative regulations.

Reports can be made using the Online Disclosure Form, which is submitted to the Vice-Principal, Students when an incident involves a student. This form is forwarded to the Director, Human Resources if an incident involves a faculty/staff member.

When completing the Online Disclosure Form, you should consult with the survivor to ensure no personally identifying details are shared, unless they give you their permission. It’s important that you let them know that you are required to share what you’ve been told, once you realize they are disclosing to you, not after.

Sometimes a student will ask you to keep information confidential. Before a student reveals that information you should, as a responsible employee, make every effort to ensure the student understands your boundaries and obligations.

Examples of how you might create an emotionally safe response when someone discloses to you:

“I don’t know what you are going to tell me and because of that I cannot make any promises about keeping the information confidential. But please know that whatever you tell me, I am here to help and support you.”

“Thank you so much for trusting me enough to tell me what is going on. I believe you and I want you to get the support you need. I am not an expert, but I can help connect you to the services that will be able to help you. Would that be okay?”

“I am so sorry this has happened to you. How can I help?”

“Thank you for reaching out to me…this must be very difficult for you…”

“Given the circumstance, the way you are feeling is normal…there is no right or wrong way to feel in these situations.”

“I am here to help you…”