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There are many resources available on campus, in the London community, and online that can share helpful information, provide support, offer help with exploring options, or provide a listening ear. No matter what, there is help available for survivors and supporter/helpers.


Some on-campus resources are identified as confidential, meaning they are licensed medical and/or health professionals who are part of a regulatory body and are bound by confidentiality.

They are not required to report an incident of sexual violence to Brescia or the Police without a survivor’s permission, except in extreme circumstances, such as a health and safety emergency to self or others. In such cases, the privacy of all parties will be regarded with the utmost respect and information will be shared on a need-to-know basis with those who are directly part of providing the necessary support.

Other on-campus support areas are non-confidential resources that can assist a survivor without sharing information that could identify the survivor. However, they must report a minimum amount of information to Brescia in compliance with Ontario’s legislation, Bill 132. In such cases, they will consult with the survivor to ensure no personally identifying details are shared without the survivor’s consent. Because confidentiality can’t be maintained, the privacy of all parties will be regarded with the utmost respect and information will be shared on a need-to-know basis with those who are directly part of providing the necessary support.

Campus Community Police Services

Location: Lawson Hall, Room 1257
On campus phone: 911 (emergency)
Off campus cell phone: 519.661.3300
519.661.2111 ext.83300 (non-emergency line)
Website: https://www.uwo.ca/health/student_support/survivor_support/report.html  
Availability: 24/7

Meets with individuals to provide support and safety planning and describes the various options available to a Survivor, which may include:

  • Taking no actions;
  • Police issuing a warning to person(s) accused;
  • University pursuing sanctions under the Code of Student Conduct;
  • Filing a Formal Report;
  • Pressing charges against person(s) accused.


Location: Brescia Chapel, Ursuline Hall
Website: http://brescia.uwo.ca/life/campus-ministry/ 
Availability: Before and after mass.

Psychological Services (Confidential)

Location: Western Student Services Building, Room 4100
Website: https://www.uwo.ca/health/psych/ 

Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator

Location: Wellness Education Centre, University Community Centre (UCC), Room 76
519.661.2100 ext. 87127
519.661.2111 ext. 87085 (non-emergency)
Availability: Monday to Friday; 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m. 

A resource for individuals who have experienced sexual violence and individuals supporting survivors of sexual violence, providing a compassionate response.

  • Explains supports and options available to survivors regarding reporting, medical care, safety planning, accommodations
  • Navigates and makes connections as requested; Referral source to other on-campus and off-campus resources
  • Helps prevent sexual violence on campus through education initiatives, reporting support, and compliance with provincial policies and initiatives
Student Health Services (Confidential)

Location: University Community Centre (UCC), Room 11 (lower level)
Website: https://www.uwo.ca/health/ 

  • This is an appointment based medical clinic for all registered part-time and full-time students
  • Provides medical care and counselling & psychiatric support
  • Urgent problems such as infections or injuries can often be seen on the same day
  • Appointments can also be booked for non-urgent medical issues
  • Patients may see a physician of a specific gender and may also ask to see the same doctor for each visit
Student Wellness Educator (Confidential)

Location: Student Life Centre, St. James Building, Room 119B
519.432.8353 ext. 20670
Availability: Monday to Friday; 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.

  • Confidential consultation regarding options available for reporting, medical care, safety planning, accommodations, criminal processes, campus discipline and other issues
  • Can also assist survivors in accessing other services and resources both on-campus and off-campus
  • Helps prevent sexual violence on campus through education initiatives


Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Treatment Centre

Location: St. Joseph’s Hospital (Urgent Care)
268 Grosvenor Street, London, ON
After hours: 519.646.6100, press ‘0’
Availability: Daily, 8am – 4pm
Webite: https://www.sjhc.london.on.ca/sexualassault 

*Ask for the nurse on-call for sexual assault and domestic violence

Offers 3 types of services to Survivors following a sexual assault. Survivors may participate in any or all of the services:

  • Physical (medical) care; available up to 1 year following the assault
  • Emotional care and support; can be started up to 1 year following the assault
  • Forensic evaluation & collection of evidence, which may be used at a later date or not at all
    • Some physical evidence may be collected only up to 72 hours after the incident
    • Can collect evidence for survivor who wants to be anonymous at the time of collection. Will call London Police to pick up and store for 1 year. If survivor does not file report within 1 year, London Police must dispose of evidence
Assaulted Women's Helpline

1.866.863.0511 (Toll Free)
Website: http://www.awhl.org/ 

A free, anonymous and confidential telephone service that provides crisis counselling, safety planning, emotional support, and information and referrals for all women in Ontario who have experienced any form of abuse.

Carrefour des Femmes du Sud-Ouest de L'Ontario

Availability: Monday to Friday; 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.
Website: https://www.carrefourfemmes.on.ca/ 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

1.800.668.9920 (24/7 crisis line)
Website: https://www.familyservicethamesvalley.com/contact/ 

  • Confidential service provided by Family Service Thames Valley for all full time faculty, staff and their immediate families.
  • Provides emergency telephone assistance, crisis response, and counselling

1.866.860.7082 (ATS)
Website: http://femaide.ca/ 


1.866.925.5454 or 211
Availability: 24/7

A free, confidential and anonymous helpline to post- secondary students in Ontario. Provides professional counselling, information and referrals on a range of issues.

London Police Services

Location: 601 Dundas Street, London ON
On campus phone: 911 (emergency)
519.661.5670 (non-emergency)
Availability: 24/7
Website: https://www.londonpolice.ca

  • Provides dedicated and specialized response to, and investigation of, reports of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse
  • Addresses the sensitive, personal, and invasive nature of these crimes
  • Dedicates specially trained and motivated personnel to an investigation
  • Provides professional counselling, information and referrals on a range of issues
Reach Out Crisis Line

1.866.933.2023 (Toll Free)
Availability: 24/7
Website: https://reachout247.ca/ 

  • Confidential web chat with a professional (see ‘Online Resources’)
  • Crisis intervention including access to a mobile crisis team
  • Emotional trauma, distress or relapse
  • Thoughts of suicide or harming yourself or others
  • Access to community supports and addictions treatment
  • Substance use, gaming, internet disorder and problem gambling
  • General information about mental health and addictions
Sexual Assault Centre London

Location: 255 Horton Street E., 3rd Floor, London ON
519.438.2272 (Crisis)
1.877.529.2272 (Toll Free)
Availability: 24/7
Website: http://www.anovafuture.org/ 

  • Provides individual and group counselling
  • Public education, outreach, advocacy, and support
  • Accessible to men, women, youth


Reach Out Online Chat
Go to Reach Out's Our Services page and use the 'Chat Now' button to complete the chat registration form or click here for a direct link.
London Abused Women's Centre Resources
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Western University Sexual Violence Resources
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YWCA's Canada's Rights Guide for Girls, Young Women & Gender Nonconforming Youth
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