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Nutrition & Dietetics

Are you fascinated with the chemical composition of food and how it affects the body? Or, are you interested in learning about modern food technologies that influence your day-to-day life?

When you choose to study Nutrition and Dietetics at Brescia, you will be given the opportunity to explore your passion for nutrition, while gaining a strong foundation for a career in nutrition, dietetics and healthcare. Brescia’s Nutrition & Dietetics program is accredited by the professional association, Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP), and prepares graduates for application to a dietetic practicum program that can lead to registration as a Registered Dietitian (RD) by the professional regulating body, the College of Dietitians of Ontario (CDO). In this accredited program, you will examine food safety in a global context, learn clinical nutrition from assessment to therapy, or explore how your senses can change your perception of food – in Brescia’s Nutrition and Dietetics program, you decide! Under the guidance of experienced professors, you will have the opportunity to assess the nutritional status of individuals and populations while analyzing the society they live in. Your understanding of dietetics will be expanded through a variety of dynamic courses, including: Sensory Evaluation of Food, Nutrition Counselling and Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Your Nutrition and Dietetics experience at Brescia expands beyond the classroom. You will have the opportunity to work with our bold faculty to gain first-hand experience in research that is directly impacting local and global communities. Also, you can volunteer with our local non-profit partnering agencies or Registered Dietitians managing private practices to gain work experience and skills that build your resume and portfolio! After you graduate you will have a head start in your career from the valuable connections you have made within the food industry.

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Become a leader in nutrition and health.

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Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for Ontario high school students:

  • Minimum Average: 79.5%
  • ENG4U
  • SBI4U
  • SCH4U
  • MCF3M or MCR3U
  • Strongly recommended: MCV4U or MHF4U

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Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for graduates include:

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Food Scientist
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Marketing Manager

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Bold Stories

Photo of Grace

“ I am so grateful to be part of a program that challenges me to grow in my critical thinking skills and supports me every step of the way to succeed. I am learning to take risks that lead to opportunity and I don't think I could be as bold as I am now without the support of my colleagues at Brescia. I have created long lasting relationships that empower and reinforce my passion for food. I'm telling you, this is the place to be. ”

Grace Ayad


Photo of Hawazin

“ As an Honours Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics student at Brescia, I have the opportunity to connect with like-minded students, get mentorship from my professors who have a variety of industry experiences, and gain hands-on learning experiences such as visiting Japan to learn about their food system and culture! ”

Hawazin Alatoibi


Photo of Rachelle

“ Brescia gives students the opportunity to have a strong relationship with their professors – this is what enhanced my education in Nutrition and Dietetics. Particularly, I gained a professional relationship with Professor June Mathews. This led me to obtaining the role of Vice President of Communications on the Ontario Home Economics Association. ”

Rachelle Provost

Class of 2018
Photo of Katrina

“ The reason why I love the Nutrition and Dietetics program is because all the nutrition courses are small in size. This create a comfortable environment where students can interact with each other, allowing for a closer relationship between professors and students. ”

Karina Cheung Ka Yan

Photo of Magdalena

“ I chose the Nutrition & Dietetics program because I wanted to learn how to help myself and others listen to our bodies' needs and live a healthful and happy lifestyle. I love my program because I learn from professors who are passionate about the subjects they teach, and care about their students' learning and successes. ”

Magdalena Masciantonio

Photo of Theresa

“ My time in the Brescia Nutrition and Dietetics Program was an unforgettable experience. The professors showed whole-hearted dedication to their students and were always happy to help with any questions and they were committed to helping me succeed. I can truly say I would not be where I am today without the guidance, expertise, and commitment to learning from my former professors and leaders of the program. ”

Theresa Handrigan


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