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Where are you located?
This year are operating online. We can meet via Zoom or comment on a document. Please use the "book an appointment" function. For in-peson inquiries, email the Writing Coordinator (Dr. Kubow) at:  The Writing Coordinator’s office is Room 120 in the MSJ building.
How do I secure a Drop-in appointment?
This year we offering pre-booked online appointments on a first-come, first-serve basis. We can meet via Zoom or comment on a document. Please use the "book an appointment" function. For in-peson inquiries, email the Writing Coordinator (Dr. Kubow) at: The Writing Coordinator’s office is Room 120 in the MSJ building.
How many appointments can I book in advance?
You may book one appointment (25 min or 50 min) at a time (online) and twice per assignment. This is to ensure fairness and accessibility. 
Do I need to have my entire paper finished before my appointment?
No, we can help at any stage of the process! We can talk about writing in general (for example, what is the expected structure of a university essay? Does a book review need a “thesis”?), help you brainstorm ideas (let’s talk about the clearest way to structure your ideas/argument) or look at a completed draft (from a rough draft to a polished piece of work).
Do I need to print out my entire draft?
Although reading from a hard copy is preferable, we can assist you by reviewing your work on a laptop.
Can I receive help with grammar?
Absolutely! We will not edit or “correct” your grammar, but we are happy to discuss issues if and when they arise in your writing. We can highlight areas, for example, where a semi-colon is used incorrectly, and discuss how and when a semi-colon is used correctly. For more information visit our resources page. There are many links to sites that provide excellent material on specific structural and/or grammar issues.
Is it best to book an appointment with a tutor in my field of study? And, tutor biographies. 

All of our tutors are passionate and capable in helping you with your writing, so please choose a tutor based on availability. Our focus is on clarity in writing. We are not “content experts.” We are happy to assist with clarity in writing, but we ask that you consult your professor(s)/TAs regarding any content specific questions. 

Tutor Schedule (available time slots can be booked online):

Cali (Eng/Monday 12-2pm): My name is Cali! I am a third-year student double majoring in Health Science and Psychology. I love cats, coffee, and sci-fi books. I recently read the entire Game of Thrones series so it is my current obsession.

Tess (Eng/Monday 2:30-4:30pm): Hi, I'm Tess! I am a fourth-year English major with a passion for storytelling. I also have a background in history, mythology, philosophy, and social issues. Come stop by the writing centre and say hello!

Joan (Eng/Tuesday 10am-12pm): My name is Joan. I am doing an Honours Specialization in English and a Major in Psychology. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing video games, and weightlifting. I am new to the Writing Centre here at Brescia; I am very excited to help students improve their writing skills!

Arian (Eng/Tuesday 12-2pm): I am completing my final year of an Honours Specialization degree in Psychology here at Brescia. In my spare time, I am an artist, a bookworm, and a runner. I look forward to helping students develop strong writing skills. Welcome to the Writing Centre!

Menley (Eng and/or FR - Wednesday 9-11am): Hi, my name is Menley! I am a fourth-year student completing an Honours Specialization in French Studies. I enjoy reading, swimming, and writing. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Writing Centre! 

Clara (Eng and/or FR - Wednesday 2:30-:430pm): Hello, I’m Clara! I am a third-year Brescia student pursuing a double-major in English and French Literature. I love languages and I am greatly looking forward to tutoring at the Writing Centre this year!

Dorothy (Eng/Thursday 9:30-11:30am): Hi, I’m Dorothy. I hold a BA in English and a Master of Library & Information Studies, and am currently working towards an MA in Academic Writing & Research. Having worked in corporate and not-for-profit organizations in marketing, communications, and media, I know that communicating effectively is a very important skill. I, therefore, look forward to helping you to maximize your research and writing abilities.

Sabrina (Eng/Thursday 12:00-2:00pm): I [fell] in love with writing after attending one of Maggie Kubow’s writing seminars and have been practising tuning my writing skills with a much better understanding of the writing process ever since. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing and reading and would love to try scuba diving at some point soon!

Maddi (Eng/ Thursday 2:30-4:30pm): Hi! My name is Maddi and I am a fourth-year student at Brescia studying History and Classical Studies. I spent a semester studying abroad in South Korea last year and am looking forward to seeing everyone at the writing centre again! I am a very artistic person and love creative writing!

Happy Writing!

Do you only help with essays?
We help with any form of writing including resumes, cover letters, presentations and beyond! You can also book an appointment to practise speaking in French with a tutor (please book with a tutor who has “French” beside their name/availability). What we will not assist with, is any form of take-home test or exam. 
I am applying for a scholarship/graduate school, is there a specific tutor who has experience with this process and can assist me?
The Writing Coordinator, Dr. Magdalena Kubow, would be more than happy to help you. Please email Dr. Kubow to book an appointment.
Who do I consult if I have a question that has not been addressed here?

Please email the Writing Coordinator, Dr. Magdalena Kubow

She is always more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the Writing Centre!