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International Student Welcome Day

NOTE - Due to inclement weather this event and game have been postponed.

When? Sun November 24, 2013

Time? 11:45am pre-game reception, 2:00pm game start

Where? Budweiser Gardens

Join international students from across London at the city-wide "International Student Welcome Day". Purchase a ticket for only $10 which includes; admission to London Lightening baskball game, food voucher and pre-game reception. Tickets available at Brescia Reception (outside St. James Auditorium) and the Brescia Registrar's Office.

Calendar of Events & Activities

In addition to the events and activities listed there is a monthly e-newsletter (coming to your UWO e-mail account) and spontaneous activities based on your needs. The International Student Guide and the Food and Services Directory are two resources that will assist you in your adjustment to life at Brescia and introduce you to various aspects of London.

BMC (Brescia Multicultural Club) has a membership of Brescia and CultureWorks students. BMC’s objective is to bring international students together with domestic students to share cultural experiences and traditions and to support international students through potential adjustment challenges. This will be accomplished through participating in International Student Programs as well as planning and participating in the club's chosen activities.

To contact the club, e-mail

“Our World at Brescia”

Student Connector Program – The Student Connector Program is an informal program that connects incoming international students with upper year students. The purpose of the program is for the upper year students to act as ambassadors and welcome the international students and assist with the transition to Brescia and London.

For more information visit the Student Connector pages.

These partnerships enhance our cultural awareness and continue to build our Brescia community.

Welcome Home – Experience Canadian families. Sign up and be matched with staff, faculty or community members, and spend time together.

Getting Together – Students are invited to sign up for monthly trips to ethnocultural restaurants or grocery stores.

  • September 12 - Welcome Reception
  • October 12 - Traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner


  • Incoming Student Dinner - January 5
  • Cultural Festival - January 23
  • Ice-skating – February - Date TBA
  • Quebec Trip – February 18 - 21
  • Sugar Bush Trip to see how maple syrup is made - March - Date TBA
  • Farewell Gathering - April 3