Celebrate International Women’s Day with Brescia

Take part in this momentous occasion as Brescia celebrates 105 years of women’s development. This event will mark the coming together of our community, alongside friends and supporters from across the region, to honour and celebrate the immense potential of women. Equally, this event will be one that causes us to pause and reflect on the barriers that persist and may prevent women from accessing the opportunities they readily deserve. Together, we will acknowledge Brescia’s long history of empowerment and accessibility, while looking towards our exciting future.

On the evening of March 7, our campus will have the honour of hosting Brescia alumna and Hockey Canada CEO, Katherine Henderson. Katherine has a long history of advocating for women and other equity-deserving groups to ensure they are able to fully participate in and lead at every level of national and international athletic organizations. A longtime advocate for Brescia, we look forward to learning about the ways in which Katherine has and will continue to inspire inclusion – within and beyond the world of sport.



both her personal and professional lives, Katherine has had a longtime love of sport.

Equally, as a mom of two varsity athletes and leader across several national sport and international games organizations, she has seen how sports can transform the lives of people and of entire communities. 

Katherine fully understands how women’s participation in sports transforms their lives and, ultimately, prepares them to contribute more fully to society.


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