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The Dietetic Education Coordinators are Registered Dietitians who seek placement opportunities, which will meet the interests and needs of the students registered in the dietetic practicum programs. They monitor student acquisition of dietetic competencies during their practicum and liaise with RD preceptors throughout southwestern Ontario and beyond.

For questions for the DDEPT program, contact one of the Food and Nutritional Sciences Graduate & Diploma Staff members.

  • Lesley Macaskill

    Lesley Macaskill

    Dietetic Education Coordinator
    519.432.8353 x28065
    Ursuline Hall 109

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    Joy Hoard

    Dietetic Education Coordinator
    519.432.8353 x28154
    Ursuline Hall 107

  • kathy

    Kathryn MacKay

    Dietetic Education Coordinator
    519.432.8353 x28257
    Ursuline Hall 107

  • brescia-logo

    Helen Toews

    Dietetic Education Coordinator (HHS)
    Hamilton Health Sciences

  • sierra

    Sierra Carnegie

    Administrative Coordinator (Maternity Leave)
    519.432.8353 x28254
    Ursuline Hall 110

  • lauren

    Lauren Francis

    Administrative Coordinator
    519.432.8353 x 28147
    Ursuline Hall 110

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    General Inquiry

    School of Food and Nutritional Sciences


Ask a student your questions!

Amanda Hunt, DDEPT Ontario Wide Cohort, 

Lyndsay Lang, DDEPT Ontario Wide Cohort, 

Tia Tucci, MScFN Ontario Wide Cohort, 

Kate Neuts, DDEPT Ontario Wide Cohort, 

Mark Chan, DDEPT HHS Cohort, 

Sarah Shpurko, MScFN HHS Cohort,  

Bridget Basket, DDEPT HHS Cohort,  

Kristen DaSilva, DDEPT HHS Cohort, 

Sophia Ho, DDEPT HHS Cohort, 

Sharan Gill, DDEPT LHSC Cohort, 

Claire Sutherland, MScFN LHSC Cohort, 

Madeleine Marguerite Suza Allard, DDEPT LHSC Cohort,

Natalie Topp, MScFN London Cohort, 

Rebecca Hartley, DDEPT London Cohort, 

Zahra Lakhani, DDEPT London Cohort,

Christine Hoogkamer, DDEPT Kingston Cohort,