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Community Development

Are you ready to be a leader in social change? Do you have a bold solution to a global issue?

When you choose to study Community Development at Brescia, you will be given the opportunity to create solutions that positively enhance communities. Learn what it means to be an ally, dive into the importance of influential leadership or discover the impact communities have on families – in Brescia’s Community Development program, you decide! Under the guidance of your dedicated professors, you will enhance your team building, facilitation and networking skills through a variety of dynamic courses, including: Community, Service and Active Citizenship, Bridging Classroom and Community, and Community Practicum.

Outside the classroom you will participate in an experiential learning opportunity while being mentored by Brescia’s faculty and community partners. As a Community Development student, you will take your learning off-campus to collaboratively work with an organization in the London community. Through these experiences, you will build your network connections to prepare you for life beyond Brescia.

CHOOSE TO be an agent of change.
CHOOSE TO make community connections.
CHOOSE TO have an impact on societal challenges.

Become a leader in community advocacy.

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Educating Women Leaders for over a Century

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for Ontario high school students:

  • ENG4U

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Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for graduates include:

  • Community Engagement Specialist
  • Social Worker
  • Probation officer
  • Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs, World Vision Canada

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Bold Stories

Photo of Daniella.

“One of the most valuable decisions I made during my undergraduate studies was enrolling in the Community Development program. As someone who has always been passionate about community and working to address social issues, the Community Development program provided me with the foundational knowledge and tools I needed to have an impact and make a difference. The program has certainly had a positive impact on me as an individual and throughout my career as I continue to rely on my learnings and experience in the program while working to support community and social purpose organizations to do the important work that they do.”

Daniella Johnson


Photo of Tyla.

“My experience within the Community Development Program has transformed what was a passion, into a full understanding of what is needed to make a practical difference. I have learned to be bold, to be brave to have a true impact on small communities and the world beyond.”

Tyla Herrera


Photo of Valentina.

“As a student in Community Development (CD) program, I have the privilege of learning and growing in a hands on, interactive learning environment. CD has given me the chance to reflect and use my personal experiences as a young mother in a powerful and positive way. The program gives students all the necessary tools and knowledge to better understand, empathize and help those within our community. At Brescia, we are being molded to be the better leaders of tomorrow.”

Valentina Rivera 
Photo of Ellen.

“The lessons I learned in the Community Development program at Brescia have shaped who I am as a teacher today. It was my third-year Community Development placement in a school, working with vulnerable youth, that confirmed my future in education. When I now step into a new classroom, my focus is always on building trust and respect with my students; without it, learning really cannot happen.”

Ellen HaberClass of 2017
Photo of Sara.

“I came to Brescia as an anxious, unsure high-schooler and Brescia’s warm and supportive environment, showed me what I could become. Without Brescia, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do medical school, complete my psychiatry interviews and then go out on my own and start clinics. Brescia has been a warm home to develop.”

Dr. Sara Dungavell 

Program Options

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Community Development in a Global Context heptagon        
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Program Modules

Tailor your degree towards your personal interests through our modules.

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Families and Communities

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Spirituality and Community Leadership

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