Students walking in the Hive at Brescia

Problem Solving

The ability to create and execute a strategy to answer a question or achieve a goal. Includes being able to anticipate the consequence of a potential solution, select a strategy among several alternatives, and decide when an acceptable outcome has been reached.

Leaders need to have the courage to recognize there’s a problem and the creativity to solve it – especially when the path forward isn’t clear. Effective problem solvers learn to develop outside-the-box solutions to life’s often messy challenges. They do this by learning how to identify what the problem really is and make a decision when there are multiple, imperfect options.

You will practise problem solving throughout your time at Brescia, whether you’re writing case studies or working with classmates on a group assignment. You will also have the opportunity to address real-life problems by joining clubs, participating in student exchanges, or completing an internship.

Problem solving is an essential leadership skill: leaders must often make decisions even when life gets messy.

A key component to problem solving is learning when and where to ask for help. Many of Brescia’s campus partners are here to help you during your university experience, especially your professors. Other campus supports include: The Hive, the Beryl Ivey Library, Student Life, and Campus Ministry.