Students walking in front or Ursuline Hall

Campus Security

Brescia believes in a Safe Campus Community which reinforces a commitment to ensuring members of our community are able to study, work and conduct their activities in an environment free of violence. This culture of respect is supported through policies, resources, regulations, programs, community support and requires a commitment from all campus community members to help keep Brescia a safe place.

Campus Emergencies:

  • From a Brescia landline phone: Dial 911 to reach Campus Police
  • From a cell phone: Dial 911 to reach London Police Services
  • For General Inquiries to Campus Police: 519.661.3300

Campus Community Police Services

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    Campus Community Police Service

    Campus Community Police Service is involved in activities that include Patrols, Response, Crime Prevention, Emergency Management and Fire Safety.

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    Being Aware

    Being Aware provides tips for personal and community safety.

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    Crime Alerts Crime

    Alerts are issued when personal safety information is received by Campus Police and it would be advisable to alert specific areas of campus or all members of the campus community to the situation.

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    Western Foot Patrol

    Western Foot Patrol raises awareness of personal safety issues, deters crime through visible patrols and provides safe escorts to community members.

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    Student Emergency Response Team (SERT)

    The mission of the Student Emergency Response Team is to provide first-aid response to the university campus.

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    Sexual Violence Resources

    All members of the Brescia community have the right to study, learn, work and research in an environment free of sexual violence.

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    Women’s Safety

    The President's Committee on the Safety of Women on Campus is committed to the safety of the study and work environment of the women who are members of our campus community.

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Tips on ensuring everyone’s safety and security

Personal Property

Do not leave valuable property where it is accessible or in view: Lock your office, lock your car, etc…

Safety of Others

If you enter or leave through a locked door, please ensure that door is locked again behind you. This ensures the safety of anyone else who may still be in the building during off hours. It’s important to ensure you’re keeping others out of danger.

Your Own Safety

It’s important to always ensure you’re not putting yourself in a position where you feel uncomfortable. Always walk on main walkways that are well-lit, don’t use shortcuts and if you would like someone to walk with you, call the Western Foot Patrol at 519-661-3650.

For faculty and staff using your office outside of normal working hours or on the weekend, please let Security know you are on campus, along with the amount of time you’ll be on there.

Campus Safety: Foot Patrol

You never have to walk alone! Western Foot Patrol provides safe escorts back to your car, will wait with you at a bus stop or drive you home if you live near campus. A male/female pair will be dispatched after calling 519-661-3650 and give your location. For more information, visit the Foot Patrol Website. If it is an emergency and no one answers, call 911 or Campus Community Police Services at 519-661-3300.