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Courses and Enrollment

The Preliminary Year Program offers a range of courses in Arts and Humanities, Social Science, Science, and Food and Nutrition.

Preliminary Year Course List First Year Course List

Note: not all courses will be offered each term – please contact Lissette Ochoa, Preliminary Year Advisor for specific course information.

Academic Streams

Preliminary Year students will indicate their interest in either the Science Stream or the Arts & Social Science Stream. The table below shows a fall term offering (September to December) of courses in each of the Science and Arts & Social Science Stream.

Science Stream
Interdisciplinary Studies 1015A
Physics 0012A or Biology 0012A
Chemistry 0012A
Foods and Nutrition 0012A
Pyschology 0015A
Leadership Studies 1032A
Arts & Social Science Stream
Interdisciplinary Studies 1015A
Psychology 0015A
Sociology 0011A
English 0012A
Religious Studies 0015A
Leadership Studies 1032A

Note: courses starting with a '0' are Grade 11/12 equivalents. 

All Preliminary Year students will work directly with the Preliminary Year Advisor regarding course registration. Students that have accepted their offer of admission will be contacted by the Preliminary Year Advisor to start the course selections process.

Students enrolled in the Preliminary Year Program may receive Advanced Standing permitting them to enroll in Year 1 University courses in addition to their Preliminary Year courses. Advanced Standing is based on previous high school work completed. Students with a grade of 75% and above my be eligible for Advanced Standing, granting them 2-3 first-year credits.

Students must consult with Lissette Ochoa, Preliminary Year Advisor at Brescia to determine course enrolments and any opportunity for advanced standing. Preliminary Year students that are permitted to enroll in 1st year undergraduate courses will be restricted to courses offered at the Brescia campus during their time in the Preliminary Year Program.