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Open Access

Open Access (OA) is a principle where scholarly work is free for the public to access with minimal licencing restrictions. Open access works are licensed to allow individuals to reuse, revise, remix and retain a work without seeking additional permission from the author. Brescia University College supports OA and encourages our community’s research to be available through OA resources. 

Scholarship@Western holds Western & Affiliate’s library of OA resources and publications. The Brescia community is able to publish their personal research to the public through the Brescia pages on Scholarship@Western. Faculty members who have received a research grant from one of the Tri-Agencies are required to make any peer-reviewed journal publications freely accessible within 12 months of publication. Scholarship@Western fulfills this requirement.

Open Access Resources: 

For more information about scholarly communication, including research impact and research data management, visit: Western Libraries or email