Three students in white lab coats working in food lab.


The Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition Thesis Stream program offers students the opportunity to strengthen their research skills through advanced course work and Thesis development under the guidance of a Faculty Supervisor.

Faculty and staff within the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences are passionate about providing an invigorating learning environment, where students become empowered to pursue leadership and research opportunities in their future careers.

This program prepares graduates for fulfilling careers in research with organizations such as private corporations, government agencies, health charities, research management agencies, medical institutions, and in academia. Graduates may also continue in education by enrolling in PhD programs. In addition, the MScFN Thesis stream complements those already working in dietetic practice and wanting to advance their research skills and capacity for leadership roles.

Although housed at a women’s university, both MScFN program streams value diversity and welcome all genders to apply.

Students are required to take one mandatory and one optional course in both the first term (Fall) and the second term (Winter) of the program. It is expected that on weekdays when classes are not scheduled that students will be available for dedicated research and group course work.

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Fall term
  1. FN 9711A Nutrition Research and Epidemiology (Mandatory)
  2. FN 9888B Seminar in Food and Nutritional Sciences (Mandatory)
Winter term
  1. FN 9111A Food and Nutritional Policies and Regulations (Elective)
  2. FN 9444B Advances in Clinical Nutrition (Elective)
  3. FN 9666B Community Nutrition and Program Planning (Elective)
  4. FN 9211A Leadership and Food Management (Elective)

The thesis is completed over the full six terms of the program (two years). 

Students have the opportunity to pursue a research topic in an area of interest, within the disciplines of Brescia’s respected and diverse Faculty Supervisors. 

The Faculty Research Supervisor and Thesis Supervisory Committee help to guide the student’s research by providing feedback and direction and challenging the student to think of new ideas and in directions.

To view information on the Brescia Faculty Supervisors, visit Brescia Foods and Nutrition Faculty & Research.

Please review the admission requirements for each program stream carefully to see if you are eligible to apply – see the Admissions page.